Air Compressor Accessory

Prof. Paint spray gun

Item no.: 4133030 EAN: 4006825574180
  • The volume of the gravity-feed can is 0.6l
  • The air volume can be set with the air volume controller
  • The paint quantity can be set manually
  • Switching function between spot & wide jet
  • Incl. rotating nozzle
Article description

The professional paint spray gun with gravity-feed can is a robust and precisely working tool for challenging painting jobs with a working pressure of 3 to 3.5 bar. A very good standard of painting quality is achieved thanks to its solid workmanship and exact, clean processing. This professional paint spray gun has a spot / wide jet regulator which enables the spray pattern to be exactly adjusted for each task. To take the greatest possible account of the work situation, there is a rotating nozzle for infinitely adjustable alignment of the wide jet from the horizontal to the vertical. A paint quantity controller ensures precise dosing of the paint, and an air volume controller for precise regulation of the compressed air supply directly on the tool itself saves many a walk to the compressor. With a capacity of 0.6 liters the gravity-feed can holds sufficient reserves for long work sessions. A nipple for connecting to the quick-lock coupling of a compressed air hose is included.

Technical details

Operating pressure min.3 bar
Operating pressure max.3.5 bar
Tank volume0.6 L
Size of nozzle1.5 mm
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