The rotary hammer drill: The best tool in the history of tools!

The rotary hammer drill is the absolute must-have tool in every home and workshop. It can drill holes into any know material - from wood, to brick and even concrete. Whether you simply want to hang a picture on the wall, or firmly dowel an entire kitchen: without a rotary hammer drill, you won't get far - as a simple drill is liable to stop working when it comes to brick walls.

We'll admit that at Einhell there are a lot of tools we consider to be irreplaceable. And most of them are. But every well-equipped workshop - whether for DIYers or professionals- absolutely needs a few basic tools. And the one tool that everyone really needs is a rotary hammer drill. Why? Quite simply, it's a real all-rounder, and can take a lot on with just a few simple functions.

The great Einhell rotary hammer practical tests and comparison

The rotary hammer drill drills holes - that much is obvious. Holes in wood. Holes in brick walls. Holes in drywall construction. Holes in reinforced concrete. But it also chisels and caulks. It is the perfect tool for working both the rough and the smooth!

While most small drills and impact drills encounter problems at least when it comes to hard materials such as concrete or solid brick walls, the rotary hammer drill is only just warming up. Thanks to its powerful hammer function, a pneumatic hammer drill or an electric hammer drill can work its way effortlessly through all conceivable materials. Wherever you want to drill a hole in the house, with a rotary hammer drill from Einhell you will always have an easy job. In the third part of this article, we will take a closer look at the possible applications of the device.

The rotary hammer drill: Here are the basic functions

To give you all the information you need to choose the right model, this comparison will first tell you how the rotary hammer drill works, what features are available and what you should look out for when purchasing one.

Drilling, caulking, chiselling- with these three basic functions the Einhell rotary hammer drill starts just where your drill stops. The pneumatic impact mechanism allows the machine to work quickly and effortlessly through masonry, stone and even concrete. Let's take a closer look:

Drilling with the rotary hammer drill

Just like a drill, but with much, much more power. That's the simplest way to describe a rotary hammer drill. The rotary hammer drill owes its incomparable power to its electropneumatically driven impact mechanism. A powerful electric motor generates the powerful impact movement by initiating a stroke movement with a rotational movement via the drive bearing and a piston. This throws the hammer towards the drill head, which pushes forwards with a swing. This impact movement ensures the necessary propulsion of the drill used, which almost automatically drives the hole into the wall.

Although the concept is similar to that of an impact drill, a pneumatic hammer drill is much more efficient and powerful. Due to the precision working, filigree and precise holes are also possible despite the power.

Drilling with the rotary hammer drill - efficient, powerful and precise

Caulking and chiselling with the rotary hammer drill

Even though the rotary hammer drill is used for drilling holes most of the time, you mustn't forget its second function. The drill's impact force described above is perfect for caulking and chiselling work. Whether it's tapping tiles in the bathroom or removing a complete wall: the rotary hammer drill gets to work at full power here.

To use the caulking function, all you need is a suitable chisel with standardised SDS mounting and a small press on the device itself. The rotation movement necessary for drilling can be completely deactivated using a switch on the device. This turns the hammer drill into a light caulking hammer, which drives the chisel tip into the material to be caulked with great force. You can get the corresponding SDS chisels for the hammer drill from specialist retailers. They are available in different lengths and with different tips for maximum power and precision. We'll explain more about the SDS system in the following!

Making caulking and chiselling child's play

The Einhell rotary hammer drill: maximum power and maximum flexibility

Whether you're looking for a demolition hammer, electric hammer drill or cordless hammer drill: at Einhell you will find a huge selection of different models for your specific requirements. These heavy-duty are designed to be uncompromisingly when it comes to power and perform with brute force even in tough demolition jobs. 

On the other side of the scale are our handy cordless rotary hammer drills, which combine maximum freedom of movement with good performance.

In terms of performance and handling, our electric rotary hammer drills fall exactly between these two categories. They offer high power reserves in a compact housing and are well suited for all requirements. Let's take a closer look at the differences between them in comparison.

Maximum power and maximum flexibility thanks to innovative Power X-Change technology

If it's gotta go, it's gotta go! The Einhell demolition hammer

Uncompromising. If we had to describe our demolition hammer with just one word, that would be it. Hardly any other machine in our range converts electricity into pure power in such an unfiltered way. With up to 50 Joules you can demolish concrete slabs, foundation walls and stone with the demolition hammer and ensure clear conditions on the construction site. The demolition hammers come without a rotating function and convert the entire motor power into drive propulsion. The 33 mm SDS-MAX system and the solid chisels are ideal for putting that power exactly where it belongs!

Speaking of chisels... With our rotary hammer drills you have the choice between working with chisels with or without a fixing. The advantage of the flexible alternative is clearly mobility: The device can be rotated at the top and remains fixed at the bottom of the chisel in its initial position.

Wireless success: The Einhell cordless rotary hammer drill

Imagine having a rotary hammer drill ready for use anytime, anywhere, without annoying cables and unstable extensions - with full power for all your projects. That's exactly what the cordless rotary hammer drills from Einhell's Power X-Change system offer. In addition to battery-powered hammer drills, the Power X-Change system includes many other devices and power tools, such as screwdrivers, impact drivers and even lawnmowers and water pumps. Highlight: Every model can be used with the same battery That's what makes Power X-Change so flexible and the best choice when purchasing a cordless rotary hammer drill.

The all-rounder: Electric rotary hammer drill with cabled connection

From compact to impressively big: electric rotary hammer drills with cabled connections come in a variety of different power classes. Small, affordable device, also known as 2-kilo class devices, are perfect for everyday jobs around the house. You can use it to drill holes in brick walls and thinner concrete walls. More power is provided by the 5-kilo class devices, with which you can carry out even the most demanding drilling and chiselling projects quickly and easily.

The SDS system

A holder for all kinds of drill bits and chisels: The standardised SDS system (which stands for Steck-Dreh-Sitz or plug-in twist retainer, and is also known internationally as a Special Direct System) allows fast and tool-free changing of drills and chisels. SDS allows the drill to have minimal lateral play, which ensures greater flexibility and more precise drilling. For perfect holes in the wall! Every rotary hammer drill from Einhell is equipped with one of the different SDS systems, such as the SDS-Plus or the SDS-MAX system.

Full power when drilling, chiselling and hammer drilling: The rotary hammer drill owes its incomparable power to an electropneumatically driven impact mechanism.
The best Einhell rotary hammer drills - product comparison of our 5 bestsellers

The best rotary hammer drill for your requirements: Comparison of our 5 bestsellers

Now you're familiar with the basic features and requirements of a powerful rotary hammer drill. At Einhell you can find models for everyone, from beginners to professionals, at all power levels and sizes. Let's take a closer look at a comparison of the 5 most popular rotary hammer drills:

The Einhell TC-RH 800 E: An affordable electric rotary hammer drill for beginners

The ingenious model of the 3-kilo class: Ultra-compact, yet powerful! The TC-RH 800 E weighs just 3.27 kilograms and with its 800 Watts of power, it can drill 26 mm deep into concrete. The rotary hammer drill can also be used to chisel, and the SDS-Plus standard offers a wide range of different drills and chisels for this purpose. This device is excellent value for money and the best compact hammer drill for DIYers!

The Einhell RT-RH 32: The power pack for more advanced users

One of the best rotary hammer drills in the 5-kilo class offers full power for demanding tasks! The RT-RH 32 provides 1,250 Watts of power and 3.5 Joules of impact strength for plenty of propulsion. Its pneumatic drive effortlessly drills through concrete up to 32 millimetres thick. The electric hammer drill is mainly used in construction, renovation and chiselling work and is also designed for continuous operation. Here too, the SDS-Plus holder allows a wide range of drills and chisels to be used.

The Einhell TE-HD 18 Li-Solo: Compact cordless rotary hammer drill for around the home

Handy, compact and completely cordless: The TE-HD 18 from the Power X-Change system is the perfect cordless rotary hammer drill for those who want to drill holes or screw in screws quickly and easily. Its powerful 18 Volt battery provides 14 Nm torque. Enough power to drill holes in even concrete walls up to 12 millimetres. The SDS-Plus system also ensures easy and quick changing of the various drill bits and chisels in this model.

The Einhell HEROCCO: The all-rounder with cordless operation

Our new HEROCCO cordless rotary hammer drill is a real all-rounder. It drills, hammer drills and chisels with full 18 Volt power and up to 2.2 Joules of impact force. It can even get though concrete walls up to 20 millimetres thick. Thanks to its compact size, the flexible SDS-Plus drill holder and the handy Power X-Change battery supply, the HEROCCO is the perfect rotary hammer drill for renovations and conversion work where maximum flexibility and convenience are required.

The Einhell TE-DH 32: A powerful demolition hammer for rough work

For applications where normal rotary hammer drills don't offer enough power, the Einhell TE-DH 32 can be used. With this model, DIY is the order of the day for the ambitious DIYer, even for heavy demolition work. Thanks to its uncompromising single impact force of 32 Joules, you can work on masonry and even concrete - and finally take the next big step on the construction site. The SDS-max tool holder allows you to change tools quickly and easily.

Guide, don't push: This ensures that you will drill a clean hole with the rotary hammer drill

Although these devices are heavy and powerful, when using a rotary hammer drill, a sensitive touch is required. Important: Always position the machine straight and keep the angle to the wall or ceiling constant. Even if a little play in the SDS holder is forgiving of small mistakes, you should make sure that you work as evenly as possible.

The pressure of the rotary hammer drill into the wall should also be even. And even more importantly: You should only guide the device gently into the hold. The rotary hammer drill will do practically all of the drilling work itself. The more you push, the less space the hammer has to swing and gain momentum. So, less really is more here.

Tips for professional use and for your safety

As a rule, you should pay attention to your safety before drilling or chiselling:

  • Are the cables securely connected?
  • Is my conductor stable?
  • Do I have the necessary safety equipment (hearing protection, safety goggles, etc.)?

The answer to these questions should always be "yes" before you start any work.

Summary: You can find the right Einhell rotary hammer drill for every job

As you can see, a rotary hammer drill is one of the most universal power tools, and is loved by DIYers at home and professionals alike. When choosing the right tool, you should carefully check your requirements: What masonry is going to be worked on? How strong is the concrete? Do I want a cordless rotary hammer drill or a device with a plug connection? Will a cheaper rotary hammer drill do the job, or should I invest more money for more power?

Whatever your requirements, you'll be able to find the right device for you. As an all-rounder with cordless battery operation, we would recommend the HEROCCO. The RT-RH 32 is a class stronger, but with a mains connection. With both devices you are perfectly equipped for everyday jobs!