Cordless screwdrivers in use: Practical tests focusing on drilling and screwing with Einhell

The cordless screwdriver - one of the most important tools for DIYers and tradespeople - in practical tests. The cordless drill driver combines two devices in one: a drill and a cordless screwdriver. Whether you want to screw together a shelf or drill a hole in the wall: With a cordless screwdriver you have the perfect device in your hands - and it's cordless too! Simple handling, a diverse range of fields of application, and an impressive price-performance ratio are what make the Einhell cordless drill drivers stand out from the crowd. In this blog article, we help you find the right model for you, set out the advantages offered by an Einhell cordless drill driver, and show you how to make the best use of it.

Practical tests focusing on drilling and screwing with the Einhell cordless screwdriver

The cordless 2-in-1 tool: The cordless drill driver from Einhell

Looking for a high-performance drill? Or need a powerful cordless screwdriver? Then a cordless drill driver from Einhell is just what you need for your projects. It combines the advantages of both these electronic tools into one universal device - and thanks to its cordless battery operation, helps you get to work quickly whether you are in your home or garden. So, it's no wonder that the cordless drill driver is an absolute must-have for any tool box. Let's take a closer look at what it can do:

Drilling with the cordless drill driver

Whether you're working with metal or wood: With a cordless drill driver, you can effortlessly drill big and small holes in almost any material. The powerful drive, the high torque and the robust two-speed transmission that many of our drills have help to deliver perfectly metred power. The speed can be adjusted depending on the intended use. The robust drill chuck delivers energy straight to the drill and ensures a clean drill hole with its smooth and straight running.

The universal battery from the Power X-Change system provides the necessary power behind these powerful drills. With state-of-the-art lithium-ion technology, large battery cells and a powerful charger, the battery in our models is always ready to go and really wows with its long running times and short charging times.

It really is that simple: Drilling with the Einhell cordless drill driver

Screwing with the cordless drill driver

Don't want to screw in every screw by hand anymore? Want to save time and energy when putting together furniture, shelves or wooden structures? Then put down your normal screwdriver and grab a cordless screwdriver you can also use for drilling.

The cordless drill driver always delivers enough power and speed to quickly and precisely screw screws into wood, plasterboard and many other materials. The fine transmission and the perfectly adjustable power provide the necessary sensitivity to avoid overtightening screws.

Perfectly adjustable power when screwing with the Einhell cordless drill driver

Impact drilling with a cordless impact driver

In addition to the two key functions of drilling and screwing, Einhell also offers cordless screwdrivers with impact drilling functions. The cordless impact driver adds an extra level of functionality to the drill driver, combined with additional power, to work with even the hardest materials such as brick walls.

Despite their huge amount of power, the impact driver models are also equipped with Einhell's efficient Power X-Change battery system. The system's powerful lithium-ion battery ensures longer operation and maximum drilling power.

Drilling in concrete: Einhell cordless screwdriver with impact drilling function
The drill driver combines two functions in one device: The drill and the screwdriver. And thanks to the powerful battery, this all-rounder can be used cordlessly anywhere in your home!

The best cordless drill drivers from Einhell

Looking for a cordless drill driver that perfectly meets all your requirements? Want a powerful cordless impact driver that can drill through even the hardest materials? At Einhell, you can find a huge selection of drill drivers that are made for use around the entire house with their rechargeable battery. Here we compare the most popular models:

Innovative technology for the best cordless drill drivers on the market

What makes a really good cordless drill driver stand out? For us, there are three essential things:

  • Einfaches Handling
  • Eine robuste Konstruktion
  • Modernste Technik

Especially when it comes to technology, here at Einhell we are always just ahead of the curve. For example, with our brushless energy motors or the Power X-Change battery system. As every one of our drill drivers make use of these innovations, we'd like to show you them in more detail.

Quiet, easy to maintain, and energy-saving: Brushless energy motors from Einhell
The Einhell Power X-Change battery system: One battery, thousands of possibilities

Brushless motor technology

Modern cordless screwdrivers don't need carbon brushes! And we prove this is exactly the case every day with the brushless motor technology in our devices and models. Many models of the Einhell cordless drill driver range use modern, brushless, electric motors. Compared to conventional motors in drill drivers, these motors are particularly quiet, easy to maintain, and energy-saving - and they also deliver more power. This is particularly important when using a battery. Friction losses or unwanted breaks due to overheating or dead batteries are a thing of the past!

Let's take a closer look at the advantages of brushless energy technology in our drill drivers:

Maximum performance without compromise

Better performance with fewer friction losses: The brushless motors in our cordless drill drivers enable higher revolutions per minute and more torque compared to conventional electric motors.

Minimal friction and minimal downtime

Our cordless screwdrivers are also suitable for bigger projects: Due to low heat generation, the devices can be operated for longer durations at higher capacities without overheating.

No wear and the utmost reliability

The brushless motors in our cordless drill drivers are not subject to carbon brush wear through mechanical abrasion. Compared to conventional devices, the service life is significantly longer.

Small motor and big effect

Brushless motors can be designed more compactly, saving you space and weight. This is how we can make our cordless screwdrivers more compact, lighter and easier to handle.

Higher efficiency and maximum service life.

More power and stamina for your cordless drill driver: Because brushless motors cause no friction losses, the Power X-Change system's battery output can be used very efficiently in your cordless drill driver.

Particularly efficient: Brushless motors & the Power X-Change system

The Power X-Change battery system

Tangled cables are a thing of the past with innovative battery technology for all your power tools and devices! Power X-Change offers cordless freedom, not only for your drill driver, but also for many other tools and devices. For sawing, drilling, gardening equipment or even electric scooters: The flexibility to swap the battery and the tool makes it possible to power all devices in the Power X-Change family using just one type of battery and no cables. But that's far from all: 

Top quality and tested for safety

Only the highest quality lithium‐ion cells are used for the Power X‐Change batteries in the Einhell rotary hammer drills. This is how we ensure that we can supply your tools with consistently high quality at all times. Compared to conventional batteries, our models ensure maximum stamina and flexible power.

Intelligent electronics and efficient battery protection

The active battery management system ensures the highest level of safety and power when using your cordless drill driver. The system monitors the inside of every Power X‐Change battery for all safety‐relevant influences and controls the optimal use of individual cells. In this way we efficiently prevent typical damage to the battery, such as memory effect or deep discharge.

Reliable performance and safe handling

The special Power X‐Change charging device which you can purchase in a set with a cordless screwdriver, is particularly powerful and safe. Internal control modules ensure that the cells in the battery are charged uniformly and correctly. In this way, the chargers ensure maximum service life and more enjoyment when using a lithium‐ion battery in your cordless screwdriver!

One Battery - thousands of opportunities

Much more than just a battery for your drill: From lawnmowers to rotary hammer drills and cordless mitre saws: Power X‐Change is a complete battery system gardening enthusiasts and DIYers can use to operate a wide variety of tools and devices. Over 250 devices are already part of the PXC family – and this number is always growing. Our sets containing the device, lithium‐ion battery and charging device are real price‐performance champions, and not to be overlooked!

One battery for cordless freedom with all Einhell cordless devices: Power X-Change

Our tips and tricks: The cordless drill driver in use

Here’s how to properly screw and drill with a cordless drill driver! These Einhell tips will show you how to correctly use a cordless drill driver step‐by‐step – and how quickly and easily you can do it, too!

Correctly screwing and drilling with the drill driver

From just screwing in one screw to putting up a whole set of shelves: Drill drivers are essential for DIYers as they save you both time and energy. So that the screws can be screwed in firmly and securely, you should follow these tips:

The right bit: Always make sure that you use the right bit for the screw. The packaging on the screw should tell you which that is. Then place the bit straight on the screw and use only very light pressure with the cordless drill driver. The screws should be slowly drilled into the workpiece to avoid any damage. For this purpose, Einhell’s cordless screwdrivers have a torque adjustment which allows the speed to be controlled.

Always use the right screws for the right workpiece. There are different screws for wood, metal and other composite materials. For walls or concrete, you should pre‐drill and use corresponding dowels.

Drill deep enough: Drill the hole with the drill driver or impact driver deep enough that both the dowel and the screw fit in completely. Important: Always position the cordless drill driver straight and keep the angle to the wall or ceiling constant. You can usually find specific information about the depth of the hole on the packaging of the dowel. When you move the drill back out of the hole, make sure to go at a slow speed.

Then remove any drilling dust from the hole using a vacuum cleaner. Only then can the dowel be properly secured. Then you can screw in the screw or mount the furniture or shelves.

Keeping you safe and secure when screwing and drilling.

Safety when screwing and drilling

As a rule, you should pay attention to your safety before drilling or screwing with the drill driver. This includes using the necessary safety equipment such as safety goggles and gloves, and thoroughly checking your tools and materials. Check that the battery is fully charged, that you have the right drills and bits for the attachments, and that ladders, supports and workbenches are secure. Once you’ve checked everything, you can get to work!

Don't forget: Use safety equipment such as safety goggle and gloves, and thoroughly check your tools.

Summary: With the right technique, working with the cordless drill driver can be child’s play

As you can see, a cordless drill driver is the ultimate all‐rounder for us DIYers. It makes all your screwing and drilling work much easier and it’s also cordless and extremely flexible thanks to the battery.

If you choose an Einhell device, you get the benefit of state‐of‐the‐art technology when it comes to motors, transmissions and batteries. Our light and handy models, which you can purchase in an affordable set, also make your work quick and tireless.

With a little tact and attention to our tips, you can easily drill and screw with a cordless screwdriver from Einhell. And if you need a little more power, there’s also our drill driver with additional impact function. Hit the nail on the head? We think so, too! Become an Enabler!