High-pressure cleaning: Potential applications of a high-pressure cleaner

Bring on the water! A high-pressure cleaner helps you to clean different surfaces and objects in your garden: terraces, garden furniture or bicycles are easily cleaned with this tool. It is a real all-purpose weapon that removes stubborn dirt from even large surfaces in an environmentally friendly way. This makes high-pressure cleaners from Einhell a valuable help around your house and they can be used everywhere!

High-pressure cleaners are very convertible thanks to multiple accessories. Clean all surfaces around the house and garden with high pressure.

How does a high-pressure cleaner work?

Whether it's moss or algae, chalk or colours — with water pressure and, optionally, some detergent, a high-pressure cleaner removes even severe dirt and sticky deposits. Cleaning is made possible with the internal piston pump whose reciprocating piston pressurizes the water flowing in from a water connection. The water is pumped to the high-pressure hose through an outlet valve, before it is expelled through a spray gun or other accessory. Because the water pressure drops on the way to the spray gun you can distinguish between working pressure and maximum pressure with high-pressure cleaners.

The operating volume and accessories included also play a part in your buying decision. If you observe layup times, you can also even clean light, sensitive surfaces with the right technique and right accessories. The Einhell high-pressure cleaners always include a spray gun with a lance and a point and wide nozzle as basic equipment. Other accessories such as brushes, spray container, rotating nozzle and terrace cleaner depend on the different models. You should pick the right tool depending on use. For special jobs there are other accessories like different brushes, angled nozzles, pipe-cleaning hoses or telescopic rods. These are available separately. No matter which job awaits you, with the right accessory you are armed for every challenge!

Practical accessories with the quick-couple system:

  • turbo-nozzle
  • angled nozzle
  • telescopic rod with angled nozzle
  • washing brush
  • horizontal brush
  • rotating brush
  • spray container
  • terrace cleaner with tank
  • pipe cleaning hose
The different accessories are attached to the high-pressure cleaner using the quick-couple system.

Different areas of application of a high pressure cleaner

With a high-pressure cleaner you can clean various surfaces around the outside of your home. Whether it's terrace floors, dirty walls, a bicycle or a filthy car  — with the right accessory you can clean all surfaces and objects without a problem.

Depending on the application we recommend using the right detergent. The Einhell high-pressure cleaner with integrated detergent tank is suitable for this, or with a separate spray container - perfect! In the high-pressure cleaner test Einhell devices are very persuasive in different areas of application.

Terraces, driveways, garden paths

The right pressure for the right material: With wooden floors in particular you should work gently and with low pressure. Accessories such as a patio cleaner with or without a detergent tank help with cleaning. Concrete or stone floors are much more robust and with up to 170 bar you can ensure a clean overall appearance for your garden. If you work with detergents when cleaning the ground you should make sure that it is environmentally sustainable and doesn't run into nearby beds.


Dirt on your walls? Not with an Einhell high-pressure cleaner! High pressure and water help to clean windows, metal facades and klinker brick. Before starting work you should find out whether your facade and render is suitable for cleaning with the device, to avoid damage. A telescopic rod or rotating brush could be exactly the right extras to make your facade cleaning easy.

Garden equipment and furniture

No matter if it's a spade, table or chairs in your garden — with a high-pressure cleaner you're armed for cleaning around the home. Compared to the alternative of brushes or cloths, you work quicker with pressure and enough water. For stubborn dirt, different washing brushes such as a rotating or horizontal brush and the right detergent can help, but you should use it sparingly.

Various garden furniture can also be cleaned without fuss with enough water and high pressure.

More potential uses

Pavements, facades and equipment are by no means all the areas of use for a high-pressure cleaner. Cleaning with water can be used for many other surfaces and objects around the house and garden:

  • Bicycles: Want to clean a bicycle with a high-pressure cleaner? Preferably put it in on a work stand. To clean a bicycle carefully with powerful high-pressure you should maintain sufficient distance between the spray lance and the bicycle, to damp down the water pressure a little. The water jet should not be aimed directly at shock absorbers or bearings. For e-bikes you should take extra care with the electrical connections.
  • Gutters: You can remove leaves and other foreign bodies from blocked pipes and gutters with a high-pressure cleaner. The easiest way to reach the gutter is with the help of a telescopic rod and an angled nozzle. Using this device means that the gutter will not overflow during the next downpour. So you're protected against unwanted flooding.
  • Car wash: With wheels and rims in particular you can work well with a high-pressure cleaner. Fine work must be done with a sponge and detergent. A soft brush can also be helpful for car washing. With the flat jet you can remove stubborn dirt from the bodywork.
  • Pipe cleaning: With the help of a pipe-cleaning hose you can repurpose the high-pressure cleaner to effectively clean pipes and eliminate blockages. The original Einhell hose that can be used with all Einhell high-pressure cleaners, is 15 metres long and flushes dirt out of the pipe, no problem.

Tips for working with the high-pressure cleaner

The device can be used in many places and is therefore a valuable helper in the home and garden. So that you can work effectively with the high-pressure cleaner in the various areas of application, you should follow a few tips. 

  • Use the right attachment: Cleaning will be easier for you if you use the right accessory, such as a round brush for cleaning the car. As a result, it is often not necessary to use detergent.
  • Use spray protection: Sensitive surfaces such as window panes should be protected from damage with a spray protector. By planning properly before application and working carefully, you can achieve a good result and not have to worry about other surfaces nearby.
  • Watch out for your own safety: Safety first! Since sand and small stones can be thrown up while working, you should wear protective goggles and long clothing. You're protected and can clean effectively.
With the patio cleaner the paving around your house will shine again in no time at all.

Summary: Quick and easy cleaning with the high-pressure cleaner

There are numerous uses for the high-pressure cleaner. It can be used to loosen stubborn dirt and is therefore a valuable and flexible helper in the home and garden. Whether for cleaning facades (garden) furniture, patios or even spring cleaning your car. With an Einhell high-pressure cleaner you become a facilitator and free all surfaces from dirt.